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Infineon Introduces Superjunction 500V CoolMOS™ CE Products for Consumer and Lighting Applications: Industry’s Best Price-Performance Ratio

Neubiberg, Germany – April 25, 2012 – Infineon Technologies (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) today introduced the 500V CoolMOS™ CE, a new series of CoolMOS™ products. When used to design power supplies in price sensitive applications such as consumer electronics, PC Silverboxes and Lighting SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply), the new devices represent an attractive alternative to standard MOSFETs. Infineon’s 500V CoolMOS™ CE combines all benefits of modern Superjunction MOSFETs: low area specific on-state resistance, reduced switching losses and high body diode ruggedness.

“Leading performance, field proven reliability and consistent supply capability created customer confidence in high quality and continued innovation underlying CoolMOS™ technology,” says Jan-Willem Reynaerts, Product Segment Head of High Voltage Power Conversion at Infineon Technologies. “The new 500V portfolio enables our customers to reach higher energy efficiency levels while at the same time offering a very attractive price-performance ratio, which makes this new set of CoolMOS™ CE devices an excellent alternative to standard MOSFETs in targeted applications.”

Using Superjunction technology provides improved efficiency especially at light load conditions – thus, this new series of CoolMOS™ CE represents an energy-efficient and cost attractive alternative to standard MOSFETs. The low area specific on-state resistance (R DS(on)*A) enables lower conduction losses, reduces energy stored in output capacitance (E oss) and minimizes switching losses. Lower gate charge (Q g) improves light load efficiency while not compromising full load efficiency. This, combined with the outstanding quality and reliability of CoolMOS™ technology, provides lower system cost and a reduced cost of ownership. High body diode ruggedness and reduced reverse recovery charge (Q rr) make it the perfect solution for soft switching applications. The new devices are easy to design in and to use given their nicely controllable switching behavior.