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MachXO2-1200ZE Breakout Board Evaluation Kit Available Now

$29.99 Kit Enables Easy Access to Low-Cost MachXO2 PLD Family

The new MachXO2-1200ZE Breakout Board Evaluation Kit is now available, offering a convenient way to evaluate and adopt MachXO2 programmable logic devices. The elegantly simple breakout board includes a MachXO2-1200ZE device with 1280 look up tables of logic, 108 I/O with support for LVDS and DDR interfaces, and hardened implementations of I2C, SPI and timer/counter. In under three minutes, you can install, connect and verify operating hardware with a pre-programed test design, quickly leading to further evaluation of MachXO2 technology with your own designs.

Lattice Breakout Board Evaluation Kits offer a convenient way to evaluate hardware by providing easy access to densely-spaced PLD I/Os. The center-to-center lead spacing on the 144 TQFP package is 0.5 mm, making design analysis virtually impossible with manually-held test probes or other traditional testbench methods. The Breakout Board solves that issue by connecting each I/O to header landings with 2.54 mm (100 mil / 0.1 inch) centered holes, easily accessible with test probes, jumper wires or pin headers.

MachXO2-1200ZE Breakout Board with Callouts 

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