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MCP19111 Battery Charger Eval Board Solution Part Number: ADM00513

The MCP19111 Battery Charger Eval Board demonstrates the features of a programmable and configurable multi-chemistry battery charger.The MCP19111 can be programmed to make a very flexible battery charger by controlling a high efficiency synchronous buck circuit. The controller dynamically moves from voltage to current controlled charging, following the charge characteristics of the target battery chemistry, and the operation can be adjusted or monitored using the available software GUI, a PICKit™, and a USB connection.


Multi-Chemistry Battery Charger. Lithium-Ion, NiMH, Lead-Acid and LiFePO4.
High efficiency Buck converter.
Input voltage 6V ~ 32V.
Charge Current 6A maximum.
Used for charging Lithium-Ion / LiFePO4 batteries up to 4 cells.
Used for charging NiMH batteries up to 8 cells.
Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries up to 6 cells.
I2C BUS for communication.
The Graphical User Interface configuration and monitoring of the battery charger.

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MCP19111 Battery Charger Eval Board (ADM00513)