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PSoC® 63 Line with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Solution

PSoC 6 delivers an ultra-low-power, integrated solution for fitness trackers and smart watches 

M400 Sports Watch by Polar 

PSoC Value 

Design Challenges 

  Perform process-intensive analog and digital sensor aggregation tasks 
  Implement a sleek user interface with sliders and proximity sensors 
  Support voice commands 
  Connect wirelessly over BLE 
  Last as long as possible between battery charges 
  Minimize BOM and board space 

PSoC 6 Solution 

  Features a high-performance 150-MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 CPU 
  Interfaces to multiple analog and digital sensors with 9x SCBs1 
  Delivers CapSense® for reliable touch and proximity sensing 
  Integrates a PDM-PCM digital microphone interface for voice solutions 
  Integrates a low-power BLE 5.0 radio 
Enables long battery life with an industry-leading, 22-μA/MHz power consumption in an active power mode 
 Delivers a one-chip fitness tracker solution in a 104-M-WLCSP