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Hi3516A HD IP Camera Solution

Weikeng International is HiSilicon first-class agent, providing complete hardware and software development tool kits and technical support services for this series of processors to help system equipment manufacturers and production security manufacturers achieve product design innovation.
As a new-generation SoC designed for the HD IP camera, the Hi3516A integrates a new-generation ISP and adopts the latest H.265 compressed video encoder, advanced low-power technology, and low-power architecture design. These features help the Hi3516A keep the leading position in the aspects of low bit rate, high picture quality, and low power consumption. The Hi3516A supports 90° or 270° rotation and lens distortion correction, which meets requirements in various surveillance applications. It also fully supports 3A algorithms, which allow customers to design different types of IP cameras including the IP AF zoom module. The Hi3516A integrates the POR, RTC, and audio CODEC and supports various sensor levels and clock outputs, which significantly reduces the EBOM costs for the Hi3516A HD IP camera. Similar to other HiSilicon DVR and NVR SDKs, the Hi3516A SDK features high stability and ease of use, which allows rapid mass production and facilitates system layout of IP cameras, DVRs, and NVRs. 
Functional Block Diagram