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NXP NFMI for Wireless Headset solutions

What is NFMI and what is the difference with RF?
RF:Antenna transmits propagated electromagnetic wave,All transmitted energy designed to radiate into free space,his is called “far-field” transmission.

NFMI:Coupling a tight, low power, non-propagating field between devices,This is called near-field communication,Can be modelled by weakly coupled transformer,AC current in primary induces AC voltage in secondary winding.

Key benefits of NFMI technology

●POWEREFFICIENT:NFMI is more power efficient than RF on short distance.Distanceis depending on antenna size.Typical distance for headsets: 20…25cm.
●HUMAN BODY FRIENDLY:NFMI goes through (body) tissue with low degradation of signal strength,where as RF doesn’t.The Specific Absorption Rate is 1000 times less than for Bluetooth.This technology is already being used for more than a decade in medical devices such as hearing aids.
●RELIABLEANDPRIVATE:Steep degradation of MI signal strength as function of distance reduces interference level,therefore increases robustness.It also increases privacy.It also allows to reuse the carrier frequency for multiple headsetsin a same room

Existing RF solution: almost good enough

●Existingearbuds on the market still have a wired connection between earbuds.
●Sending a stereo audio stream to two distinct earbuds is not possible using standard Bluetooth A2DP profile: it is apoint-to-point solution.
●Forwardinga quality audio stream from ear to ear is notoriously difficultusing existing 2.4 GHz RF solutions. Most of the signal is absorbedby human body tissue.

NXP Near Field Magnetic Induction technology (1/2) Enabling truly wireless earbuds

●NFMI is the besttechnology to be used for a wirelessaudio and data connection between earbuds.
●Works reliableclose to the human body.
●Lowest power consumption to stream audio and data over small distances. (<1m)


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