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Microchip PIC10Fxxx electronic cigarette application solution

Microchip Electronic cigarettes, combines microelectronic technology, mechanical construction, technology and economic system healthy living ideas By detecting the action of smoking on the human body to simulate fireworks reflect the state by an orange LED lights. from a health point of view , people learn to avoid excessive smoking. The program uses MICROCHIP 10F206 chip design, with I / O analog PWM to control LED lights. 
System Resources: 512 word program space, 4 I / O ports, one 8-bit timer, an analog comparator, 24 
Internal RAM, internal 4MHZ oscillator.
Product Features: 
A, power supply: single-cell lithium polymer battery 330mAH 
B, LED lights display: 
I smoke, and gradually fade after lights out. 
II smoking more than 5 seconds, the LED lights flashing alarm 10 seconds 
III smoking frequency is too fast, the LED lights flashing alarm 10 seconds. 
IV low-voltage Detect, LED light flashes for 20 seconds when reached 1,500 smoke times , need to replace the heating wire. 
power-saving sleep mode. the system into sleep mode. Sleep mode Standby current: <4uA @ 4V, 
E, charge


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